About us

Blacksmith Workshop Perun was founded in 2011 after four years spent in studies at four different blacksmith master´s workshops. True to the tradition. Each of these masters workshop allowed us to grow in a different direction - the cutlery or forging. The names of craftmen, who I learned from, are known in Slovakia and abroad. They include Jozef Uhrecký, Ladislav "Lasky" Šánta, Pavol Zlatoš, Miroslav Hromada and Peter Meszáros.

In 2015, we are turning into a sheltered workshop. We work with four elements, which influence every product. Blacksmithing is not just a job to which you have to get up in the morning. The workshop is a place where we meet every day and we have the opportunity to create and make our customers happy.

We like challenges and we look forward to work with you.

Dušan Klimo

Our offer

In our workshop we manufacture damask steel that we use for production of custom knives. The method of production of steel is more than one thousand years old and resides in welding in fire at least two different kinds of steel. We use high quality materials. We use certified steel Bohler. For the production of knives we use all the materials suitable for the production of handles, for example antlers, horn, wood and stabilized various trees. However, everything depends on your wishes.

We are equally dedicated to shape forging and we will be happy to produce for you whatever you name. Forged jewelry, decorative items for interior as candle holders, wine racks or even exterior handrails and gratings.

All our products have their own unique design. It is a custom manufacturing so it is important to satisfy our customers. Since each product is unique, the price of the product depends on the time needed for construction.


Our work is characterized by the traditional craft processes and attention to detail and quality workmanship. We hope you will like it. Most things that you find in the gallery were made on an order and are sold. We will be more than happy to make something similar for you.


Our workshop is located in Štítnik, in a village with a rich blacksmith tradition. It used to have the first blacksmith guild and a large number of artisans lived here. Our dream is to build on these traditions and help preserve historical heritage in this region for our children and grandchildren.

We are members of the Association of Gemer Artisans, whom we help to organise craft camps for children and we also work with local fencing group Kolovrat. We are trying to raise the name of Gemer - regional brand, which guarantees of high quality and originality.

In cooperation with the municipality of Štítnik and civil society organizations Concordia, we are working on reconstruction of Water castle and also we plan to carry out reconstruction of the original blacksmith's workshop. If you find any of these projects interesting, we will be very pleased to hear from you.

In 2015, all blacksmiths working in our workshop were admitted to the Guild of Slovak smiths.


Custom production before Christmas


Dear friends, the work before the holidays piled up in a workshop so much that this year (2016) we do not accept any other custom orders. But you can order what is in stock. Specifically, it can be found at sashe or you can simply write an e-mail.

We preserve the tradition


Tradičné remeslá pomaly vymierajú, ale my stále veríme, že sa to dá zmeniť. Pozrite si naše krátke video:

Takto zachovávame tradície

Gift cards


Ak neviete odhadňúť, čo konkrétne podarovať, môžete si u nás objednať darčekovú poukážku v akejkoľvek hodnote. Objednajte si poukážku prostredníctvom emailu info@perunis.eu.

Blacksmith classes

Would you like to learn how to work with metal and make your own products? We offer you a blacksmith class where we teach everything from the basics to more challenging tasks.

We prefer individual classes, so that we can devote enough time and attention to everyone.

The course fee involves also the thing which we make together during the course.

Contact us

Družstevná 133, 049 32 Štítnik, Slovak republic

tel.: 0911 298 282 e-mail:info@perunis.eu