The blacksmith workshop Perunis was established in 2011 after four years of apprenticeship under four different blacksmith masters, following a tradition.

Each of these masters allowed the workshop to develop in a different direction, whether it was blade forging or shaping metal. The names of the masters I learned from are well-known in Slovakia and abroad, including Jozef Uhrecký, Ladislav "Lasky" Šánta, Pavol Zlatoš, Miroslav Hromada, and Peter Meszáros.

Od roku 2015 sa dielňa začala rozrastať. So štyrmi živlami, ktorými prejde každý jeden produkt, sme čarovali viacerí.

Since 2015, the workshop has started to expand. We created some magic with the four elements that each product goes through.

Currently, I have focused on the production of knives and jewelry. Blacksmithing for me is not just a job that I have to wake up to in the morning; it is a lifestyle. The workshop is a place where I have the opportunity to create and improve both in terms of craftsmanship and spiritually.


I create products of a unique character, utilizing age-old techniques and merging them with modern technologies. In the production process, I use materials of the highest quality with a certificate of origin.

My goal is for the items that come from my hands to come to life.

Dušan Klimo



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